Silsotchigre, Meghalaya, India


Babu, the head of the rehabilitation center animal care department introduces me to the huge work done by HURO PROGRAMME for the conservation of the West Hoolock gibbon.


This reintroduction program takes several years as it takes time for the primates to find back the natural behaviour compulsory for its survival. Forests around the project are also survey in order to know if the gibbons can safely be reintroduced there.


It takes a high amount of work and passion always with close ties to the the local community and a no 1 goal of protecting the surrounding environment.





Hong Kong


Sai Kung, Hong Kong : here is a simple yet efficient eco-action that benefits our oceans.
Click here to Download Boopy-Save Our Seas PPS.



Hong Kong


Bye bye Silsotchirgre ! I am on my way to Hong Kong for a simple yet meaningful message that I will show you tomorrow.. Have you noticed World Ocean Day ? Here is « the se ais for everyone », a video by Imagenes en Azul. Thanks to the kids that participated to  this cry for hope. Don’t miss it :




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