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Sai Kung, Hong Kong : here is a simple yet efficient eco-action that benefits our oceans.
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Bye bye Silsotchirgre ! I am on my way to Hong Kong for a simple yet meaningful message that I will show you tomorrow.. Have you noticed World Ocean Day ? Here is « the se ais for everyone », a video by Imagenes en Azul. Thanks to the kids that participated to  this cry for hope. Don’t miss it :





Sakya, China, October 2010


Hands of hope


Ten thousand hands rising under a magnificent blue sky, 10 000 times more hope for snow leopards.  Perched on one of the prayer flags, a lungta, that are strung everywhere in this area and colour the mountainsides, I help with the promise of the people reunited here during this annual Buddhist festival: protect snow leopards and do not engage in illegal trade of wild animals. 


In the high Tibetan plateaus, this ceremony is welcomed by snow panthers, still victims of poaching for their bones and skin.  The protection of this remarkable animal and it's prey is urgent.  Thanks to the cooperation of the Snow Leopard Trust and the Shan Shui Conservation Center, moments like today are great steps towards better educating the local population. 


China represents 60% of snow leopard habitat between Qinghai, Tibet and Gansu, and is home to close to 40% of the total population.  Interestingly, few Chinese know of their existence and it is rare to find someone who knows that this feline is native to their immense country. 


Now lets imagine 10 000, 10 000 hands lifting in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and throughout the country...; China will become the heart of conservation for snow leopards and other threatened species, with a strong message to the entire world.  Protecting its national treasure will become, little by little, second nature and it is now, with these hands almost touching the sky, that victory is built.  





Eco-Sys Action named Earth Champion, Hong Kong, November 2008


It was a great joy shared by all Eco-Sys Action team to be named Earth Champion 2008 by the Earth Champions Foundation.


The Earth Champions Foundation launched Earth Champions in September 2000 with the aim of inspiring young people to fight environmental degradation. Nelson Mandela presented the first-ever Earth Champions award.


People and organisations that have made a significant and positive impact on an environmental issue can be an Earth Champion. Eco-Sys Action was recognized for its actions among the community and especially with the youth.












A ceremony attended by Sir Crispin Tickell, an expert in climate change, and local authorities, has been held in Cyberport, Pokfulam, Hong Kong with an "Earth Champions meet the public" session some time later.

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