Washington, USA, June 2011


Scubster, from dream to dive.


The astronaut, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, a member of the teams navigating the space shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour, presented the “Innovation Award” to Stephane Rousson and the Scubster team at the 11th International Submarine Race.


Perched on a bridge of the biggest American marine research center, the Carderock Naval Warfare Surface Center, I can only look back on this exciting dive piloted by my friend, Stéphane.  An exceptional moment!


Between Villefranche and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, we spent an hour underwater.  It was an artificial basin, but the adrenaline of challenging other submarines from so many other countries and the demonstration of remarkable teamwork will remain a wonderful souvenir.


Propelled by two propellers linked to cranks by a belt, the Scubster can reach up to 8 km/h!  It also flies the colours of Eco-Sys Action since the adventurers of Scubster support our Whale shark project in the Philippines. 


Like with his adventure in a pedal powered balloon, Stéphane Rousson has once again demonstrated that dreams become reality with patience and tenacity, whether they are underwater or aerial. 



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