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Renaud Fulconis
Executive director, Awely (

Graduated in public relations, species conservation, African primates behaviour and wildlife management, Renaud has worked as the Education and Conservation Coordinator in Amnéville Zoo, where he still is involved occasionally as a consultant. Besides that he headed the EAZA Rhino Campaign with Save the Rhino International in London for one and a half year. He has also been involved in the Kenya Wildlife Service black rhino programme.

During more than ten years, Renaud carried out many trips in several countries, using sport as a way to travel. For example he swam down the Loire river in France and the Maroni river in French Guyana, and rode a mountain bike across the deserts of Australia. During that time he published several books and articles about his travel experiences and gave seminars and talks. Renaud is also a keen photographer, and his portfolio includes wildlife and aerial pictures from a powered paraglider. Some of them are distributed by the agency BIOS/PHONE.

As co-founder of Awely, he now works as its Executive Director.

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