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Christian Couronne

Having dived all over the world, Christian’s imagination has been painted with the true colours of marine life.

Born in Sète (France), he learnt alone to swim at only 5 years old. First at the bottom and then on surface. His teen years were spent dreaming of Bombar, Cousteau, Moitessier or Tabarly, all who have much influenced his love for the sea.

His father is a fine fisherman, going to school with famous French singer and poet legend George Brassens, and his brother is a sailor. Both have inspired him a lot. When he was six years old, he wanted to become a heavy-suit diver, finally starting diving and saving lives at only 15 years old.

He worked as an officer on merchant ships, diver, sport teacher, coast guard, businessman, teacher, and now he is finally letting his passion for art speak. He reproduces the beauty of marine life using materials like glass, marble, metal, stone, wood and sand. Through his wonderful creations he wishes to remind people and future generation how fragile the sea is.

His artworks are very realistic, featuring themes on overfishing and pollution. He exhibits not only in galleries and international exhibitions, but also in public and private places in order to reach as many people as possible.

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