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Helping people so that threats to nature are reduced.
Establish sustainable ecosystems so that conservation is more profitable than destruction.

The Eco-Sys Action Football Cup (EAFC)

With a great understanding of the power of football around the world, the Eco-Sys Action Foundation has decided to raise funds and awareness through tournaments being organised in several parts of the world along with conservation projects. Click here to read more.

Kenya: Cheetahs helping children

In its largest project to date, Eco-Sys Action has set up its own Trust in Nairobi, Kenya: the Eco-Sys Wana Duma Trust. Through this, the Foundation will sponsor kids in areas which are home to a population of cheetahs. Click here to read more.

Kenya: The whale shark--a gentle giant in danger

Eco-Sys Action has decided to start a series of projects linking several countries where whale sharks are known to migrate. Click here to read more.

Zimbabwe: Painted dogs, a symbol of life

Not far from gorgeous Victoria Falls, Eco-Sys Action has teamed up with the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC), a group that has proven that conservation can be accomplished through action and education. Click here to read more.

Ethiopia: Celebrating the Ethiopian Wolf

The overall goal of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program is the conservation of the Ethiopian wolf and its Afroalpine habitat while ensuring the social and economic well-being of local communities. Click here to read more.

Kyrgyzstan/Mongolia: Snow leopard survival

The snow leopard, which roams the high mountains of Central Asia, is an elusive cat--but perhaps not elusive enough. Its solitary habits have not helped it escape from poachers. Many threats have pushed the snow leopard to the brink of extinction. Click here to read more.

Kenya: Working with schools around a rhino sanctuary

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is located at the foot of Mount Kenya in Africa. Through conservation and anti-poaching units, it has succeeded in developing one of the largest populations of white and black rhinos in Africa. Click here to read more.

China: Earthquake

Eco-Sys Action is teaming up with Animals Asia Foundation to raise awareness on the moon bearís fate all over China. Click here to read more.

Benin/Niger: Where are the cheetahs?

The preservation of the interests of human communities and of the animals living within their reach is the mission of the Awely Foundation, which focuses both on what will become of wild animals and the future of the poorest human populations. Click here to read more.

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