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Ethiopia: celebrating the Ethiopian Wolf

The overall goal of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program is the conservation of the Ethiopian wolf and its Afroalpine habitat while ensuring the social and economic well-being of local communities. Among the main threats to the rarest canid in the world are loss and fragmentation of its habitat, diseases (especially rabies transmitted by domestic dogs), and conflict with humans.

Eco-Sys Action has committed to establishing a kindergarten school in Dinsho, the last village in the wolfs habitat in the Bale Mountains. It will replace the small and inconvenient kindergarten in use right now and it will educate the kids at an early age about the concept of conservation. When it opens it will be called the Little Wolf School. It will both help EWCPs image and key role in the area and help secure a better future for those kids.

Here again Eco-Sys Action wishes the kindergarten to be self-financing after a while. To reach this goal, Eco-Sys Action is going to create a cooperative with honey production and handicraft manufacturing as prime businesses. Later, forest coffee and donkey milk will be closely studied in order to bring new income to the cooperative.

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