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Dreaming of a better world. Acting now to build it up.
Helping people so that threats to nature are reduced.
Establish sustainable ecosystems so that conservation is more profitable than destruction.

A different approach

Every Eco-Sys Action project has a global vision encompassing health, education, economy and environment.

How does it work?

- Give priority to the community in order to help the local biodiversity.
- Demonstrate how protecting the environment is more beneficial than destroying it.

Education & health
- Send healthy kids to school.
- Give the opportunity to a generation of kids to be tomorrow's stakeholders.
- Establish a better medical network.

- Create micro-businesses to boost the local economy.
- Set up a local system that is self-financed without creating dependency.

- Help the best wildlife experts to create the missing link they have with communities around their study areas.


Eco-Sys Action Foundation works closely with communities so that they can understand the benefits to protect their fauna and flora. Eco-Sys aims to send local kids to school, to provide health care and to establish a micro-economy through small businesses as well as handicrafts purchased and distributed by Eco-Sys Action through its commercial division, Eco-6.

By providing communities with clinics, schools and other solutions to improve their livelihood and their economy, Eco-Sys Action helps them work for a better environment and a more viable protection of their wildlife.

The story behind the foundation

It was in the unlikely skyscraper jungle of Hong Kong where business is everything where Eco-Sys Action was born. Thanks to a simple question during his wife's pregnancy--"What shall we hand over to our kid when he grows up? A basic trading company in an industrial environment or a meaningful organization that takes care of both wildlife and communities?"--Christian Pilard decided to start Eco-Sys Action with a dedicated team. From his long-time passion for animals and his growing interest in the fascinating kids' world, Christian soon came up with the Eco-Sys Action concept of helping communities so that they can help themselves and save their environment in the process. He reinvested his money earned over the years in the project and the rest is hard work and wonderful encounters.

The organization

The Eco-Sys Action Foundation has been set up in Hong Kong with locations also in Valence (Association Eco-Sys/France) and Nairobi (Eco-Sys Wana Duma Trust/Kenya).

Eco-Sys Action's multiethnic team is an independent group with no connection to any political or religious organizations.

Eco-Sys Action's funding comes from close partnerships with eco-conscious companies willing to make a change and through merchandising sales from its commercial arm, Eco-6, a young brand born out of the need to have a meaningful company that not only sells products but also works on remarkable projects around the world.

The team

Come and meet the Eco-Sys Action Team.


Scientific committee Artistic committee Education committee Economic committee

How different is Eco-Sys Action?

We take pride in our work and the difference we make to communities. Here's why our brand and our work is unique.

The big picture

Eco-Sys Action looks at the big picture in areas where it develops projects by combining environment, health, and education issues. Eco-Sys Action works with local partners to create long-lasting conservation programs that are sensitive to the needs of local people.


Another important side of Eco-Sys projects is that they aim for communities to be self-financing in the medium to long term outside assistance or charity, but with self-respect and pride for the people concerned.

Understanding children's power

Eco-Sys Action's goals are usually to directly benefit the children in the areas where it works. They are an extremely important generation that in many cases will influence adults and soon decide on the environment's future. Bringing education to those kids is a priority but making sure that they are healthy is even higher on the agenda.

Eco-Sys Action refuses to only spend efforts on wildlife when kids in villages around hardly reach their fifth year of age.


Working with leaders

Eco-Sys Action partners with leading foundations around the world. Those organizations have in common their top scientific expertise as well as a wish to involve local communities on long term solutions. They are regularly featured on top networks such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc.

Adapting solutions

With these, Eco-Sys Action pioneers how conservation can be better adapted to the challenges of protecting wildlife in countries where poverty and other community problems are front and center. Eco-Sys Action identifies the missing links needed to benefit the villages and ease pressure off their environment. All Eco-Sys Action projects are based on on-site travels and assessment.

Kids ready to fight with a little help

Believing in kids' power and the wish to inspire more and more young people to get involved in conservation is also central in all Eco-Sys Action's works. The set-up of a cartoon mascot, Boopy, and related stories shows a unique way of teaching while having fun for kids all over the world.

Creating opportunities

At the same time Eco-Sys Action checks the possibility to set up small businesses like bee keeping, handicraft manufacturing, etc. and organize small cooperatives that will be the base for enhancing the local economy, create jobs and advertise in a positive way the plea of wildlife.

Global vision on local eco-systems

"A charity dollar can be spent only once. But use the same dollar to help the less privileged set up businesses and they can be firmly on the path to self-reliance." - Professor Muhammad Yunus, Managing director of the Grameen Bank, Nobel Peace Prize winner

"The way to sustainable peace is through sustainable development. To reduce the risk of war, we must help impoverished people to meet their basic needs, protect their natural environments, and get onto the ladder of economic development." - Jeffrey Sachs, Professor of economics and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University

It is of major importance to help local communities protect their environment rather than destroy it. Thanks to regular economic activity and access to both education and heath care for kids, Eco-Sys Action wishes to prove that preserving fauna and flora is for everybody's benefit.

Basically, Eco-Sys Action aims to send healthy kids to school and follow them until they reach either university, technical training, or the opportunity to take over one of the small business created in the meantime by Eco-Sys Action in their region. It can be as diverse as handicraft manufacturing, eco-tourism guiding, beekeeping, shade-grown coffee planting, etc.

With a percentage of the income created being allocated to the education system, each former student will directly benefit other kids in their community with pride and the concern to raise the local economic level and basic living conditions. In the long term, the goal is the projects to auto-finance themselves.

"The System" summarizes Eco-Sys Action's global vision of how environment and wildlife should benefit the communities next door.

Boopy: Eco-Sys Action's magic ambassador

Children have magic in their eyes that can make anything come true. This is probably how Boopy was born from the power of a glance, from a dancing spark, from the wish of another vision of the world without losing one's kidz' heart. This little orange sparrow is a witness to our planet where children have great roles to play. Boopy is also a symbol of the threats on the world's ecosystems because even though we seem to see its cute face in many places, sparrows are disappearing at an alarming rate without us noticing.

Boopy is an eco-detective, and what a great job it is! He tirelessly travels around the world to understand kidz' problems, resolve conflicts between population and environment, and think of possible solutions. His adventures are always colourful, fun, and interesting (Read his stories). They help answer kidz' numerous questions especially during a time when worrying things happen all the time and doubt prevails. He tells stories about the real world and isn't afraid to break taboos. In one story, the little girl, Mina, is HIV-positive but is a great model of hope and courage.

Boopy doesn't just dream of a better world. He actively works to start building it. All his investigations are linked to a real program in the country visited where kidz can help others in those less fortunate countries. The more Boopy expands his network, the more his projects give birth to action. Some of these actions include sending orphans to school with regular updates on their school years and possible professional jobs in the future, paying for vaccines, and saving endangered species from extinction with creative partnerships. Boopy isn't afraid and his friends are all "little heroes of the world". If Boopy can save even just one kid on this Earth, then he will have won. But his vision is much grander than that.

The very dream is that with the actions of this little orange sparrow and his friends, thousands of kids will have hope again through other kidz' actions and that endangered species will be protected in their natural habitat. When Boopy is able to send kidz to school in Kenya and locals understand that this is made possible because of the cheetahs, then they're more eager to protect rather than to kill those animals.

For the first time, a character really cares about those who love him and put their faith in him. Boopy's a truly motivated modern hero. He is the Eco-Sys Action Ambassador to the kids.


Throughout the years and all over the world, we have worked with countless wonderful people and organizations and formed great partnerships with them. Here are some things people and organizations have to say about Eco-Sys Action and the work we do.

Brad Rutherford, Executive Director of Snow Leopard Trust:

"Snow Leopard Trust's partnership with Eco-Sys Action has helped conservation of the big cats in many ways. The direct purchases and increased exposure for our handicraft program by Eco-Sys Action has increased the number of snow leopards being protected by the program. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the great people at Eco-Sys Action . Their business skills and interest in wildlife conservation are a powerful combination that is helping protect wildlife around the world."
Jill Robinson MBE, Founder & CEO, Animals Asia Foundation:
"With its different approach and innovative concept, Eco-Sys has been an early supporter of Animals Asia Foundation. By focusing on kids' education and health, Eco-Sys Action brings hope and trust to the whole community, which therefore benefits from successful conservation."
Wendy Blakeley, Community Arts Coordinator, Iganyana Arts for Painted Dog Conservation:
"The mission at Iganyana is to bring financial benefit to individuals by developing their talents and finding markets for their finely worked crafts. We have had a very fruitful relationship with Eco-Sys Action since 2005. We have been challenged to design and produce items that would not have occurred to us, and in so doing benefited both our workers and Eco-Sys Action customers! As a young project in a country under great economic stress, we have been able to expand and explore thanks to Eco-Sys Action's commitment to community and conservation based organizations such as ourselves."

About our logo

The Eco-Sys Action logo shows our mascot Boopy who is an eco-detective sparrow, a symbol of strength and hope for thousands of kids around the world.
Why a sparrow? Because they are the witnesses to the endangered ecosystems around the world.

Wherever you are, you can be almost certain to see these cute birds flying around. From New York to Tokyo, they give life to our cities.

But did you know that they themselves are in critical condition in our cities? Nearly 90% of London’s sparrows have disappeared, victims of pollution and habitat loss. In North China, they are caught in nets and eaten as a delicacy.
Nothing should be taken for granted in the animal kingdom, not even our popular sparrow.

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