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Emmanuelle Grundmann
Chairwoman, Awely

A primatologist, Emmanuelle has worked on the protection of orangutans in Asia with a particular interest in the evaluation of the reintroduction of primates and in conservation. Through her research in the field, she got interested in the human/wildlife relationships, in the illegal trade of wild species and, more generally, in the exploitation of fauna and flora by man. An author and freelance scientific journalist, Emmanuelle collaborates with several magazines including "Terre Sauvage," "Animan," "Ca m'intéresse" or "Sciences & Avenir."

She has also written the books "Etre Singe", "The Great Apes", available in English, in collaboration with the photographer Cyril Ruoso, various books for children and young people, as well as "Ces forêts qu'on assassine," an investigation on deforestation, its causes and consequences.

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