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Luc Fougeirol

Luc Fougeirol has been passionate about reptiles since childhood. Self-taught, he is now a recognized specialist who sharpened his experience with the creation of the Farm of Crocodiles in Pierrelatte together with his brother Eric. The success of the touristic site allowed Luc Fougeirol to take actions to heighten public awareness for the preservation of reptiles either on the spot or in their natural environment. This commitment earned him recognition from scientists and crocodile specialists alike.

Luc and Eric Fougeirol have sold their enterprise by now. Luc decided to put his experience in aid of other projects. He participated in the creation of the Farm of Crocodiles in the village “Djerba explore” in Tunisia. He is also a consultant for the town of Civaux and its site called “The Planet of Crocodiles” just as he is in the Farm of Crocodiles in Pierrelatte.

This is a successful reconversion for this passionate man who chose to bring his expertise to each and every people thinking about reptilian projects throughout the world. So what exactly is his strength? To offer, beside the knowledge of reptiles and their natural environment, his knowledge about creation of sites which stay references of their kinds.

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