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Pierre Moisson

Nature, ethology and travels are Pierre’s favorite subjects. With a master in microbial ecology, he is a veterinarian and director of Mulhouse zoological and botanical garden. He is also vice-president of AEECL (Lemur Research & Conservation Foundation) and WAPCA (West African Primate Conservation Association).

Pierre also had experiences at the Pasteur Institute in Cayenne, French Guyane where he participated to research on a vaccine against malaria. He then spent two years in the International Medical Research Center in Franceville, Congo at the head of the primatology department.

With his wide experience with monkeys, Pierre is the keeper for six studbooks on gibbons and lemurs as well as the Cercopithecus diana roloway. He is also the Paris Zoological Society coordinator for the Hainan gibbon (China) conservation program.

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