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Olivier Martin

Olivier has always been fascinated by all kind of drawings. During his art studies, he fell in love with cartoon books, collaborated on several books, and joined competitions that opened the door to authors and opportunities he could only dream of.

In 1999, he wrapped up his first book with “Edition du Cycliste” with a story by Olivier Supiot. He then published a series on pirates with Eric Omond (“Blood and ink”, ed. Delcourt) and on cryptozoology with Philippe Menvielle (“Crypto”, ed. Glénat).

He is currently working on a trilogy with Eric Adam and Vent d’Ouest Edition called “The squares”.

Having lived in Japan, Olivier also loves to discover the world and never misses an opportunity to go abroad with his sketchbooks in tow!

He is currently helping Eco-Sys Action in coordinating the first story of a major cartoon book, "Kidz Power," that will be published to inform youngsters about the planet’s challenges.

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