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China: Earthquake

Eco-Sys Action is teaming up with Animals Asia Foundation to raise awareness on the moon bearís fate all over China.

ďA thousand miles starts with one stepĒ said Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia Foundation. This is how AAF started a huge rescue mission of hundreds of bears from farms where they are surgically implanted with catheters into their gall bladders and confine in restraining cages so that bile can be extracted and used for Chinese medicine. Today, with the support of the government and local communities, a sanctuary has been created in Sichuan. Stopping those farms from increasing and expanding is conserving those magnificent animals in the wild.

After the devastating earthquake in Sichuan on May 12,2008, Eco-Sys Action has decided to help AAF by creating a cartoon story where kids and moon bears team up to beat the odds. The entire amount from the sales of "Earthquake in Sichuan, a tale of little heroes and moon bears" will be allocated by AAF to a project targeting kids with the reconstruction of a school in affected areas.

This will help to make the Chinese people understand that bears can benefit them in more ways than they thought. This operation will be a gift from the rescued moon bears of Sichuan to the community. The kids this program helps will become the best ambassadors of AAF and bear advocates against the consumption of drinks and medicines made out of bear's bile. The positive media impact would also profit the bears nationwide.

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