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Benin/Niger: Where are the cheetahs?

The preservation of the interests of human communities and simultaneously those of the animals living within their reach is the mission of the Awely Foundation. With conflicts between humans and animals becoming more frequent, Awely focuses as much on what will become of wild animals as on the future of the poorest human populations. This organization addresses the resolution of human – wildlife conflicts, local economic development projects, and also environmental and conservation education.

Eco-Sys Action works with Awely on the conservation of the threatened North African cheetah through various programs involving local communities. Eco-Sys Action is in the process of evaluating the needs from schools as well as the possible set-up of handicraft business and other benefits within the communities bordering the Park of W in Niger and the Pendjari region in the Northern part of Benin where cheetahs’ status is very much unknown. Awely concentrates on clarifying the threats, implementation of safety actions, training of rangers, and education of local populations through workshops with a goal of limiting cheetah-human conflicts.

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