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Zimbabwe: painted dogs, a symbol of life

Not far from gorgeous Victoria Falls, Eco-Sys Action has teamed up with the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC), a group that has proven that conservation can be accomplished through action and education. PDC protects painted dogs by teaching the villages how to protect them and setting up anti-poaching units.

Painted dogs survive with difficulty, escaping traps and snares and falling victims to poaching, habitat loss and road killing. Less than 5,000 are left in the whole African continent, a very alarming number compared with 400,000 only a century ago.

PDC also set up a four-day bush camp near Hwange National Park. It proved to be one of the highlights of school kids’ lives in this part of Zimbabwe. And last but not least, PDC established an art center called Iganyana Arts & Craft where talented artists turn snare wires into animal sculptures, which serve as touching tributes to life.

By partnering with PDC, Eco-Sys Action aims to send more kids to this bush camp to provide them with more lasting memory like our translated “Igy the little painted dog from Zimbabwe” cartoon book translated in the Sindebele local language and more. Eco-Sys Action is also sponsoring a full class in Dete near the PDC center. Finally, Eco-Sys Action is the one of the main buyers of Iganyana art center with whom many new styles are created every month.

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