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What is EAFC?

With a great understanding of the power of football around the world, the Eco-Sys Action Foundation has decided to raise funds and awareness through tournaments being organised in several parts of the world along with conservation projects (like in Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, China, etc.). They would be linked to tournaments in Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong, etc. that will raise funds for the twin project. Schools and clinics could be created as a result. Kids would go to school or be immunized because of football. This is the vision behind EAFC.

Why the EAFC?

Wherever Eco-Sys Action works, there is a football pitch with kids playing happily. The ball may be made of plastic bags or not even be round at all, the goals may be made of wood or bamboo poles, but the passion for the game is the same. The ground may be dusty or bumpy, the players may be barefoot or dressed in ragged clothing, but the spirit is the same.

Football is a valuable socialisation tool perfect to promote sustainable development. It has great potential to bring together individuals with very different backgrounds.

The EAFC wishes to touch souls and inspire people all around the world to do their part for the environment. Everyone will be aware that he/she can make a difference. Eco-Sys Action believes that sport and football in particular is a great vehicle for such inspiration and aims to involve young people in a common sustainable future.

How does it work?

Tournaments involving several age groups, from kids to adults, will be organised in countries where Eco-Sys Action works or has future projects. Every event will be placed under the sign of a symbolic animal related to the project conducted by Eco-Sys Action. It may be the Cheetah Cup in Kenya and the Snow Leopard Cup in Kyrgyzstan, for instance. Every player will be an ambassador of that animal and specially targeted animation will be set up in order to get the conservation message through during the event. Players and spectators alike will be invited to learn more about their environment and the benefits they can get by protecting rather than destroying it.

The twin tournaments will be organised by clubs and federations all over the participating countries with the goal to raise funds that will directly benefit a project clearly targeted beforehand (e.g., build a school, help kids being healthy and going to school, immunize kids, set up a well, plant trees, etc.). Every action will aim to help the population living around the endangered species Eco-Sys Action works with. During those tournaments, special attention will also be paid in raising awareness about the environment and emphasize what we can do in our daily life to help protect our planet.

In both cases, teams or organisers will need to explain positive steps they will take toward their environment and project they intend to launch (e.g., tree planting, recycling campaign, beach clean-up, etc.).

There will be two cups by category: one for the best project and one for the tournament's winner.

The Eco-Sys Action Foundation will ensure that funds raised will go directly to the projects and the progress can be tracked on the Internet.

How are funds raised?

Each team in the tournament will need to pay a participation fee to take part in the tournament. Fees will vary according to age category.

In addition, a full range of merchandising will be sold at an eco-village during the tournament and on the Internet. It will include branded footballs, environmentally friendly shirts, plush toys, gadgets and football-themed handicrafts from countries participating in the EAFC. Boopy, the Eco-Sys Action orange sparrow symbol, will be the official mascot with every project's tournament having its own animal mascot.

Some proceeds from the sales of food and drinks at the venues will also be collected.

Players and organizers will also be welcome to find special fundraising ways to raise even more funds. There will also be global awards for the best fundraisers, best ideas, etc.

Sponsors are also being gathered to promote and help the EAFC become a popular and successful event over the years.

Where and when will the EAFC be held?

The fundraising teams will be from Switzerland, Germany, France, Monaco, Qatar, Hong Kong, etc.

The project teams will be from Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Niger, Madagascar, Namibia, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia and Cambodia.

All the tournaments will take place during the first semester of 2009. A professional game would officially launch the first EAFC.

Environmentally conscious actions to be taken during the tournaments

Awareness will be raised on the following problems during each tournament and some NGOs may be invited to join.

  • Education
  • Health
  • Global Warming
  • Water pollution
  • Deforestation
  • Endangered species
In fundraising tournaments, Eco-Sys Action will set up a green code to be followed by the organisers. This will include waste management after the games, water-saving plan during the event, public transport recommendation and car sharing to reach the venue, carbon footprint calculation and offsetting, etc. This green code lays out the principles of sustainable development and suggests basic action that can be incorporated in the tournaments and beyond.

In project tournaments, Eco-Sys Action will work closely with municipality and village representatives to ensure maximum benefits to the community through green actions. Schools will be also be involved.

What are the advantages for EAFC sponsors?

The EAFC creates a huge opportunity for sponsors to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and to the planet.

With the games being held in so many remote places, it's also a return to the roots of sports where friendship and fair play rule. Those key values are valuable assets for sponsors. The actions taken on the ground by Eco-Sys will be very much welcomed by the consumers and extremely positive to the image of the sponsor.

All sponsors will need to respect the EAFC's practices and exhibit the same spirit. Projects can be tailored to the sponsor's special requirements as long as it stays in line with Eco-Sys's philosophy to help local communities help themselves.

Sponsoring an event like the EAFC is an investment in the future, not an unnecessary cost.

EAFC ambassadors

In order to communicate and spread the message more efficiently, the Eco-Sys Action Foundation is welcoming top athletes and personalities sharing the same values and ready to become Sport & Environment Ambassadors.

Local environmental champions will also be named to inspire others and show how much one person can bring to the world.

Join the EAFC!

With the EAFC football as a catalyst for improving the quality of life of communities and helping saving endangered species around the world, it makes a real and lasting difference. Access to health and education is Eco-Sys Action's top priority for effective awareness-raising and motivation of individuals in relation to environment protection. Through the EAFC, the Eco-Sys Foundation wishes to fund very concrete projects that will be very carefully monitored in the long term, with transparent results being brought to the attention of the participants and sponsors.



United Nations for Environment (UNEP), Nairobi (Kenya), February 2008

The Eco-Sys International Conservation Football Cup (EAFC) has been officially endorsed by the United Nations for Environment (UNEP). This is a major support for the EAFC that aims at raising environmental awareness and gathering funds for sustainable projects around the world through football tournaments organized in Europe, the Middle East and Hong Kong and in developing countries.

UNEP has recognized Eco-Sys Action's work as being in line with its strategy on Sport & Environment. Read more.

The EAFC will be held in 2009 and will show how football can bridge cultural differences and help meaningful projects on the ground that will positively impact both local communities and their eco-system.

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