Problems and solutions



What is causing the disappearance of sparrows in our cities?

- Urban pollution has become more and more gravely harmful to birds.


- Natural habitat reduction and the destruction of hedges have made enormous contributions to the degradation of the situation. 


- Waves emitted by our telephones, televisions and other electronic instruments have a clear negative effect.


- House and building architecture has become less and less adapted to bird nesting.


- Massive pesticide use in the surrounding countryside has created numerous problems and killed many insects, an important food source for sparrows.




How can we help the sparrows around us?

- Planting trees and flowers in the garden helps to recreate a healthy ecosystem, especially when it is done with local instead of exotic species.


- Bird feeders provide a rich and varied diet for a number of bird species, especially in winter.


- Rebuilding hedges serves to create bird shelters.


- Nesting boxes can be bought or made with recycled materials.  Attached outside the house they will be much appreciated.


- It is strongly recommended to use organic fertilizers in the garden.


- Certain birds like sparrows love taking baths.  A small drinking trough can also serve as a bathtub.  In the center a rock or wet log can form an island which supplies

  water to insects as well.