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Bozana Ozojic


Ah, my friend Bozana! She's the world champion in deep diving, president of Calypso Diving Club, so you would spend hours listening to her stories about the times when she was on an expedition on the Calypso ship along with legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau on the coast of South Africa.

Yaping Deng


Yaping is a sporting legend. Nicknamed "the smallest giant," she was flying everywhere in Barcelona and Atlanta Olympic Games, winning four gold medals in table tennis! So guess how overwhelmed I was to be photographed with her! She became the table tennis world champion 18 times and was named the Chinese female athlete of the century. Currently, she is actively participating in the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 organization to show the world China at its best

Wil Raymakers


You can never get bored with Wil, because he always shares a lot of funny stories! Along with Thijs Wilms, he created the wildly funny Ox Tales comics that show a humorous side of the animal kingdom. Wil's talent allows him to work on many cartoon and animation projects. Did you know that his first comic strip was drawn on a small paper during a class? What's even more unbelievable is that Thijs was his teacher and they teamed up to create Ox Tales! See you soon, Wil!

Stéphane Rousson


Stéphane is what we call a crazy flying man, one who can fly with a strange machine. I met him when he was attempting to cross the English Channel between England and France with his muscle-powered balloon. He needs to cycle so that his machine can move. It's a fantastic challenge that took him five years of hard work!

His balloon is wonderful. It's 16 meters long (about 52 feet) with a five-meter diameter (about 17 feet)! Just great! Stéphane uses a propeller that moves when he pedals. The slightest wind may cause a major problem, so I was quite scared to rest on this giant balloon with my sparrow weight!

The next challenge for Stéphane will be in Kenya. Let's wish him the best of luck!

Mohammed Dilawar


Mohammed is a friend of sparrows and of nature in general. With only the help of his family he has succeeded in mobilizing thousands of people around the disappearance of sparrows in our cities. He started by building and installing more than 2000 nesting boxes across India with his organization, Nature Forever Society, and then went on to create a World House Sparrow Day on March 20. This event celebrates both nature and birds.

Mohammed has also fostered links between a number of associations in order to spread the word. In 2008 he was named as a "Hero for the Environment" by Time Magazine. A rare and well deserved honor.

Jean-Pierre Papin


What an amazing opportunity to meet not only one of the most talented and spectacular players in the football world (54 selections to the French national team, participation in the 1986 World Cup, member of prestigious teams like AC Milan, Marseille, Bordeaux, etc.), but also one with the biggest heart.

With his remarkable association, JPP helps hundreds of children suffering from serious brain injury. A footballer at the service of children! And I love the photo!