World Sparrow Day 2011


On March 20, 2011 a number of schools and associations (including the RSPB in the UK and a number of Birdlife partners) have organised activities in over 15 countries like Hong Kong and Madagascar.  The event has reached a whole new level and Boopy is counting on each of you to take action for these birds on this symbolic day or on any other day.


Here are a few events that have taken place on World Sparrow Day :


Boopy and Eco-Sys Action presented an exposition on the birds of Hong Kong  to the students of Hong Lok Yuen International School in Hong Kong and the International College of Hong Kong.  Numerous posters illustrated the most symbolic birds of the region.  Nature is everywhere in Hong Kong and many ecosystems are concentrated in a very small region.  This event spotlighted birds living not only in the urban areas, but also living in the marshes, the mangrove, the sea, and the forests of Hong Kong.  The students created badges and magnets while learning to appreciate the ornithological richness of Hong Kong; on the road to school, on campus and in their own backyards.







The official ceremony for World Sparrow Day took place this year in Bangalore, India at Wipro Technologies Electronic City campus. Wipro, one of the largest information technology services providers in the world, understands the importance of common birds in an urban setting as an indicator of a city's health.

Mohammed Diliwar, with a little help from Boopy, presented the situation of the sparrows in India to Wipro employees during two conferences and responded live to their questions on Facebook and Twitter. Sparrow watching was also organized in the largest park in the city.












Members of the Patna ECO Task Force College, India, have organised a bird watching activity a few days before World Sparrow Day.