Act for Sparrows


The mystery of sparrows

The sparrow is a witness to the threats that weigh on ecosystems of the entire world. Anywhere you fly it is almost certain that you will meet this pretty little bird flitting around you.  From New York to Tokyo they give life to our cities.  But what is less know is that sparrows are more and more frequently found in a critical situation!
One third of the sparrows in London have disappeared, victims of pollution and loss of habitat.  No one can be ignored in the animal kingdom, not even our little Boopy!



Love nature, it is equally possible to appreciate its permanent show and to contribute to its good progress.

As Mohammed Dilawar has proven, everyone of us can help this precious bird just by starting in their own garden or balcony.
You can purchase numerous types of bird houses and feeders in stores (see Boopy's Boutique) or simply make your own from wood or a milk carton. 


Nesting boxes with a round entrance hole (about 3mm diameter) will be particularly appreciated by tits, sparrows, jackdaws, and chimney swallows.  Open nesting boxes are better adapted to the needs of robins and wagtails. 


To be optimally installed a nesting box must:
- be attached at least 150cm from the ground for security reasons.
- be solidly attached to resist wind.
- be situated in an area that is not easily accessible to predators such as cats, squirrels or weasels.
- preferably be oriented between the north-west and south-east. 


In the garden a bird feeder filled with a variety of foods like seeds (sunflower for example), peanuts (unsalted), a mix of bread and rice, water, and fruits (like apple) will be a good compliment to the other natural treats that are available in the garden, especially in autumn, winter and in the spring when they begin to reproduce.

It is also possible to recycle the dog hair that is lying around the house.  Leave it close to the nesting box to be used by the birds.  It becomes an excellent duvet during nest construction. A simple but very effective act.


As already explained the introduction of trees and flowers doesn't only help the birds.  What a beautiful sight!