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March 20, 2012, Happy World Sparrow Day !


World Sparrow Day 2011, Birds of Hong Kong.

Boopy and Eco-Sys Action presented an exposition on the birds of Hong Kong to the students of Hong Lok Yuen International School in Hong Kong and the International College of Hong Kong. Numerous posters illustrated the most symbolic birds of the region.


Nature is everywhere in Hong Kong and many ecosystems are concentrated in a very small region. This event spotlighted birds living not only in the urban areas, but also living in the marshes, the mangrove, the sea, and the forests of Hong Kong.


The students created badges and magnets while learning to appreciate the ornithological richness of Hong Kong; on the road to school, on campus and in their own backyards.



World Sparrow Day 2011, Bangalore, India

The official ceremony for World Sparrow Day took place this year in Bangalore, India at Wipro Technologies Electronic City campus. Wipro, one of the largest information technology services providers in the world, understands the importance of common birds in an urban setting as an indicator of a city's health.

Mohammed Diliwar, with a little help from Boopy, presented the situation of the sparrows in India to Wipro employees during two conferences and responded live to their questions on Facebook and Twitter. Sparrow watching was also organized in the largest park in the city.


On March 20, 2011 a number of schools and associations (including RSPB in the UK and many Birdlife partners) in over 15 countries, including Madagascar and Hong Kong, participated in World Sparrow Day. The event is growing and Boopy is counting on each and every one of you to take action for birds on this symbolic day, or on any other day of the year!

World House Sparrow Day has a unique and exceptional history that Boopy is going to tell you about.

“Once upon a time in India there was a man who noticed the worrying decline of house sparrows.  Helped only by his family he set out on a project to establish as many bird houses as he could in this immense country.

This man is my friend Mohammed Dilawar. Through hard work and passion he builds bird houses from recycled wood.  He started selling them in his area and now sells them nationally.  He founded the Nature Forever Society and very quickly the news of his activities were spread by the media.  In 2008 he was named a “Hero of the Environment” by Times magazine, a rare and well deserved distinction. 

Today, after more than 2000 nesting boxes have been set up across India, Mohammed has decided to go further and share his enthusiasm for sparrow protection with us.  To protect the sparrow is to preserve an ecosystem of utmost importance.  We sparrows are in fact an important indicator of the health of our cities and therefore our planet. 

With Eco-Sys Action you can carry on the dream by purchasing Eco-6 bird houses and feeders.  By making your contribution to the environment you will hep Mohammed with his activities in India. 

World House Sparrow Day, launched by Mohammed Dilawar with the support of Eco-Sys Action, was born from the desire to continue this touching story and to see as many people as possible across the world celebrate birds and nature.  Already thousands of people participated in the first edition in 2010.  Child or adult, we all have the ability to change things.”


A huge celebration

Since 2010, March 20 is the day of the sparrow around the world.  Nature Forever Society and Eco-Sys Action have joined forces to make World House Sparrow Day a success.

A number of schools around the world are associated with this event in order to celebrate the protection of nature and to take concrete action.  In India thousands of children made drawings, created songs and marched in the streets to explain to people how and why it is important to protect these birds.  In England the children dressed up as birds and in Italy conferences were organized. 

Boopy needs you to make March 20 a huge international celebration of birds!


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