Date: December 2011
Event: EAFC Tigers and Mahseers Tournament

Location: Corbett Tiger Reserve, India

This double themed tournament, on the fringe of the mythical Corbett Reserve in India, will focus on the tiger, one of the world's most threatened felines and the Mahseer, a river fish endangered through the practice of fishing with explosives.The Mahseer Conservancy has already started a project to create awareness among local communities. 


This EAFC tournament, piloted by the Nature Forever Society, will make use of numerous social activities in an effort to reconcile the local population with their environment.


August 2011
Event: EAFC Eco-Games Tournament
Location: Itacaré, Brazil


The football tournament of the 2011 Eco-Games will be carried out in partnership with the EAFC.  Sea turtles, who lay their eggs on neighboring beaches, will be the keynote of this tournament which links the common goals of the EAFC and the Eco-Games with a focus on the protection of marine turtles.


 Each year the Eco-Games bring their support to the local economy of this region as well as engaging in numerous other projects. /


Date: June 2011
Event: EAFC Lion Guardians Tournament
Location: Amboseli, Kenya


A simple tournament at the heart of the Maasai communities, totally in the spirit of the EAFC.  Subject to the promise that no lions be killed until the date of the tournament, the Lion Guardians are organizing a football tournament specifically for the Maasai and notably the team of guards put in place to limit conflicts with lions.  Due to the involvement of the population, the number of lions killed by the Maasai in this magnificent region of Kenya is extremely limited. 


The project is an encouraging success for “modern conservation of species,” where local communities are placed at the center of the decision making process in the management of their environment.


Date: May 2011
Event: 2011 Club Football Junior Cup
Location: Beijing, China

China Club Football has invited the EAFC to their spring tournament.  A stand will present the ideology of the EAFC to the thousands of youth present during the tournament.  It is also an opportunity for parents to become familiar with environmentally friendly activities that can be easily integrated into their daily lives.

The Animals Asia Foundation been invited to join this tournament and talk about actions launched in order to save Asiatic moon bears in China and Viet Nam. Thousands of this magnificent animal are cruelly farmed in cramped cages and their bile painfully extracted for special drinks and for traditional Chinese medicine.



Date: April 2011
Event: Qualification tournament for the Cordial Cup
Location: Pfastatt, France


EAFC Pfastatt invited Footvaleursthe EAFC to their qualification tournament for the Cordial Cup, the first of its type in France.  A stand presenting EAFC projects appeals to the public, including the 400 plus children present.  Nancy, Auxerre, Strasbourg and Bâle are among the 32 teams participating in this tournament in the 11/12 years category.



Date: December 2010
Event: EAFC Sokake-Radiated Tortoise Tournament
Location: Antananarivo and Ifaty, Madagascar


Now to Madagascar, jewel of the world's biodiversity and host to the EAFC.  After a very successful tournament in the capital city, Antananarivo, Ifaty welcomed the EAFC Sokake Tortoise Cup.  In partnership with the Salamandra Nature Association, the EAFC strove to enlighten the local population regarding the destruction of their rich natural resources using the radiated tortoise as a symbol. 


PSG Ladies, represented by Sophie Perrichon, and Gwen Rakotovao, Miss Madagascar 2009, were the charming ambassadors of these two tournaments which benefited from media coverage by local newspapers as well as national television and radio.   


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Date: June 2010
Event: Black Cayman Tournament
Location: Kaw, French Guiana


The second EAFC tournament was held in the heart of the magnificent Kaw-Roura Nature Reserve in French Guiana.  The village of Kaw welcomed teams from all over the country for this celebration of biodiversity represented by the Black Caiman, a highly endangered species.


This tournament was awarded the Jean Roland prize from the EDF foundation, which each year recognizes an exceptional project created in conjunction with a natural reserve that champions “reconciliation between Man and Nature.”


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Date: December 2009
Event: Cheetah Tournament
Location: Salama, Kenya


The inaugural Eco-Sys Action Football Cup (EAFC) tournament brought together 10 villages and more than 500 people in Salama, Kenya.  Focused on the cheetah, which is slowly disappearing in this area due to habitat loss and continuing conflicts with farmers, it was a huge popular success.


Through a new and positive way the local population was able to learn how to better understand this feline.  The event brought together Action for Cheetahs in Kenya (ACK) and Eco-Sys Wana Duma (Eco-Sys Action Association in Kenya).  A cycling race was held the day after the tournament with Tandafrika.


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