Football is universal, but can it help the planet?  An interesting mission for a little orange eco-detective sparrow, always at the service of kids and the world.  Boopy has taken up the challenge and where there is a football tournament there are also projects.  Awareness, action, thousands of people have already participated in the Eco-Sys Action Football Cup across the world.


Only the start for this concept of united football created by Boopy and Eco-Sys Action.  Events open to all, full of meaning, a true return to the roots of football, a new community of athletes. 


-For more information or to contact Boopy directly:


-To contact our EAFC-France representative:
Pascal Faurel  + 33 6 60 69 49 33


The media is already talking about the Eco-Sys Action Football Cup and constitutes an important link to relay the message of the EAFC; a different approach to football, engaging children and nature


Latest publications :


“Foot’Sokake, Eco-Sys Action au chevet de la tortue » (Mada Sport)


« Eco-Sys Action Football Cup vous présente la Coupe Sokake » (Sobika)


« En route pour la Coupe du Monde » (Tandafrika)


“Ils traversent l’Afrique en tandem pour voir la Coupe du Monde” (Le Post)



Download Madagascar posters :


- Coupe EAFC-Sokake, Madagascar 1

- Coupe EAFC-Sokake, Madagascar 2