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An icy ocean to save.

This month, Eco-Sys Action has joined up with the Antarctic Ocean Alliance, and it is not by accident.  Despite its remoteness and the handful of scientists that live there, the “icy planet” has never been in such danger.  

Far from the first expeditions to the South Pole and the ruthless marathon between Amundsen and Scott, the race against time that the Antarctic is now facing is much riskier.  Read More


The HURO PROGRAM actively works for the conservation of the Western Hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock H. hoolock) in the forests and state of Meghalaya in North Eastern India.  Victims of deforestation and poaching, their numbers have plummeted 90% in the past 40 years.  ECO-SYS ACTION has confirmed a partnership with the HURO PROGRAM and will take on a part of the costs linked the primary school of the program.  The Silsotchigre Wildlife Medium English School provides a better education and increases environmental awareness to several dozen children.  The HURO PROGRAM has, very quickly, come to understand the importance of incorporating the social dimension of the local population into all conservation programs. 


The third World Sparrow Day took place on March 20.  Created by the Indian, Mohammed Dilawar, Time Magazine's “Heroes of the Environment 2008,” this event has rapidly reached an international level with numerous associations and schools becoming involved in the operation.  ECO-SYS ACTION, in creating the internet sites for NATURE FOREVER SOCIETY and WORLD SPARROW DAY, is one of the pillars of this huge celebration of common birds.  It is a day destined to celebrate nature while remaining conscious of the decline of certain common species around us.  For the next edition we are already researching new projects and participants who will join RSPB in the UK and many others.


The last ECO-GAMES, organised by SV PLANETE, included football matches at the heart of the tropical forest in the state of Bahia in Brazil and a beach soccer tournament on Itacare Beach.  These two events were sponsored by ECO-SYS ACTION in the context of the ECO-SYS ACTION FOOTBALL CUP (EAFC).  The local population was made aware of the rich local ecosystem and the importance of protecting sea turtles which come to lay their eggs on neighbouring beaches.  To learn more about the links between sport and the environment, Boopy suggests reading “Un Sport Vert pour ma Planète” by Didier Le Henaff, the organiser of the ECO-GAMES; a beautifully illustrated piece of work and a wealth of eco-information. 


Discover the OPEN PASSAGE EXPEDITION on Boopy's Blog.  Travelling as an official crew member on the sailboat “Silent Sound,” Boopy set out for the Canadian Arctic with captain Cameron Dueck.  A two month voyage between Vancouver, on Canada's West coast, and Halifax, on the East coast.  A “live” testimony to climate change and its impact on the Inuit communities that are sprinkled across this vast icy landscape, and on the threatened flora and fauna such as the Polar Bear, the lord of this area.  Between surprising encounters, icebergs, and storms, Boopy recounts an extraordinary adventure told with his usual humour, but also with the rigour of a relentless eco-detective and the passion of an Inuit culture in peril. 


Birthdays that make a difference!  ECO-SYS ACTION and Boopy have joined with BIRTHDAY HAPPINESS, a Hong Kong NGO that, each week, organises birthday parties for disadvantaged children in the poorest neighbourhoods of the city.  The programme: games, snacks, cake, and exciting presents.  During this first year in partnership, Boopy will give away more than 2000 stuffed animals.

For the first birthday party, Boopy was joined by his friend Capitan G, a big hearted pirate who entertained the children with numerous surprises while providing information about the environment.  An unforgettable day for the children, and a bit of strength to face a daily existence that is not always simple.  


Eco-6 fabricated puppets and financed the AWLEY puppet show in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the framework of its program on the bonobo.  Two members of the organisation travelled through sensitive zones linked to the protection of the bonobo.  Several thousand people have already helped with shows, explaining this animal's challenges, primarily a victim of bush meat trade, wild animal trafficking and deforestation of its natural habitat.  The AWELY program emphasises the benefits to the local population that come from the conservation of this living symbol of their country.  Concrete projects that ECO-SYS ACTION and Boopy are excited to support!

Next month, don't miss out on the details of the “Snow Leopard” project with SNOW LEOPARD TRUST.     

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