Eco-Sys Action, sponsor de la traversée de la Manche en dirigeable à pédales, septembre 2008



An outstanding eco-challenge with a strange flying machine was launched by balloon flyer Stephane Rousson over the English Channel on September 27. Two-thirds of the way, winds started to blow in the wrong direction and after eight hours of pedaling, the crossing came to a halt. It was however an overwhelming success, proving to adults and kids alike that it's always possible to dream big and accomplish things with imagination and hard work. It has taken Stephane Rousson five years of technical arrangements and training to be able to fly that far.


Boopy, the Eco-Sys Action eco-detective orange sparrow, was the official mascot for this crossing which covered by media outfits around the world. It was also a way to teach people about the plight of whale sharks around the world; as the biggest fish in the world, whale sharks can also be seen as underwater swimming balloon! A symbol that strikes people's mind.


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