Boopy looks for innovative and adapted solutions for each of its projects without creating dependence. Raising the local standard of living, providing children with a better education and easier access to health care all thanks to animals, is Boopy's true vision.
Projects supported by Boopy
Kenya : Cheetahs helping children (with Action for Cheetahs in Kenya)

Fewer than 12,000 cheetahs remain in Africa and Iran. Victim of a redistribution of its territory and of more and more serious conflicts with humans, the fastest land animal on the planet must face a race against time, a race whose outcome may determine its fate.

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Philippines: The whale shark, a fragile giant, symbol of sustainable development

The whale shark is a fantastic ambassador for the oceans. It could either be an easy target for fishermen, or become an important driving force for the economic development of entire regions where it regularly migrates.

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Kyrgyzstan / Mongolia / India: Snow leopard survival (with Snow Leopard Trust)

The snow leopard, which roams the high mountains of Central Asia, is an elusive cat--but perhaps not elusive enough. Its solitary habits have not helped it escape from poachers. Many threats have pushed the snow leopard to the brink of extinction. Click here to read more
Zimbabwe: Painted dogs, a symbol of life
Not far from gorgeous Victoria Falls, Boopy has teamed up with the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC), a group that has proven that conservation can be accomplished through action and education.
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Ethiopia: Celebrating the Ethiopian Wolf

The overall goal of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program is the conservation of the Ethiopian wolf and its Afro alpine habitat while ensuring the social and economic well-being of local communities.
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Kenya: Working with schools around a rhino sanctuary

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is located at the foot of Mount Kenya in Africa. Through conservation and anti-poaching units, it has succeeded in developing one of the largest populations of white and black rhinos in Africa.Click here to read more

Burkina Faso : elephants and humans can coexist.

Boopy supports the traditional pharmacy of Poura and the training of professionals in the local pharmacopoeia in Burkina Faso, a project of the association Des Eléphants et des Hommes. A concrete way to demonstrate the benefits of the nearby forest, home to elephants and medicinal plants, two priceless treasures of local heritage.

In addition, all illustrations of the beautiful story "My Elephant Neighbour" were created by Boopy and his team who are also responsible for the translation of the story to English and Chinese for wider distribution. Read more

India : Help children, protect gibbons.

The HURO PROGRAM actively works for the conservation of the Western Hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock H. hoolock) in the forests and state of Meghalaya in North Eastern India. Victims of deforestation and poaching, their numbers have plummeted 90% in the past 40 years. Boopy has confirmed a partnership with the HURO PROGRAM and will take on a large part of the costs linked to the program's primary school. The Silsotchigre Wildlife Medium English School provides a better education and increases environmental awareness to several dozen children. The HURO PROGRAM has, very quickly, come to understand the importance of incorporating the social dimension of the local population into all conservation programs. Read more
DR Congo : a puppet show to protect bonobos !

Boopy fabricated puppets and financed the Awely puppet show in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the framework of its program on the bonobo. Two members of the organisation travelled through sensitive zones linked to the protection of the bonobo. Several thousand people have already helped with shows, explaining this animal's challenges, primarily a victim of bush meat trade, wild animal trafficking and deforestation of its natural habitat. The Awely program emphasises the benefits to the local population that come from the conservation of this living symbol of their country. Concrete projects that Boopy is very excited to support! Read more
Kenya : football helps lions !

Boopy’s football tournaments, in conjunction with the Lion Guardian Games, have been an outstanding success at the heart of the Maasai community where the organisation Lion Guardian employs “guardians” in villages in conflict with lions. A number of felines have been saved while providing economic activity to these recruited mediators. After stick and spear throwing competitions, the football tournament is always much appreciated on Ol Donyo Wuas plain as well as Boopy’s specially decorated ball. Read more
An educational handbook on the Nepalese fauna.

With the graphic support of Boopy, Awely has created a 36 page educational handbook for Nepal. Biodiversity, human-animal conflict and sustainable development are each tackled in a very concrete manner. A superb tool that will assist Awely, always closely linked with local communities, with its fascinating programs; Bardia (Indian rhinoceros) and Sukla (Bengali tigers). Read more.
Laos: libraries on the backs of elephants for children in remote villages

In Laos, 80 children from the Natonoy primary school in Sayaboury visited the Elephant Conservation Center thanks to Boopy. Eighty more ambassadors for elephants. Moreover two libraries on the backs of elephants have distributed books in a remote region of Laos. An “elephantastic” project! Read more.
Cambodia : children are the best ambassadors for tigers

In Cambodia, thanks to Boopy, a dozen students from villages bordering Virachey National Park, accompanied by their teachers, discovered Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center. An unforgettable visit for these children who actively support the remarkable work of the association Poh Kao, organizer of the trip, to save Cambodia's magnificent yet fragile natural beauty, like the Indochinese tiger. And now Boopy is going to pay for school teachers in those remote villages. A better education means an even higher protection for tigers and their eco-system. Read more.
The Eco-Sys Action Football Cup (EAFC)
With a great understanding of the power of football around the world, the Boopy Foundation has decided to raise funds and awareness through tournaments being organized in several parts of the world along with conservation projects.
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