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A video caught my attention during the summer. No star, no big speeches, just happy children. Why? Because they will have new desks, that they will make themselves, in their school. So little, yet so much, in India like in so many other countries.  It's not my initiative, but I love the energy! This impressive crowdfunding was created by an individual who supports their orphanage.  It  is a lesson in strength, and I am convinced that the future of our planet and respect for the environment rests entirely with this new generation. Our mission is to guide them toward positive and decisive action. If you want to make your day more happy, click here to see  magical laughter and sparkling eyes.



For Boopy, it is very important to support projects in continuity. Thus the partnership with the Huro Programme to help the Wildlife Silsotchigre Medium English School in North-eastern India has been extended again this year. A school, a village, a forest where gibbons sing, a fragile ecosystem where everyone must win.



The Lion Guardians Games were held in July, even bigger than in previous years, and still sponsored by Boopy and Eco-Sys Action. Over 70 Maasai "guardians" gathered in Amboseli, coming from the entire Amboseli ecosystem in Kenya as well as Ruaha, Tarangire, and Ngorongoro in Tanzania.  Intense sporting days, an exceptional atmosphere with singing and dancing, and also an opportunity for the participants to share their field experiences in the conservation of lions and their habitat. A seminar was also organized to that effect.  At the end of the awards ceremony, Boopy even saw an elephant pass not far away as if to give his blessing.  A fitting close to this wonderful initiative taken by the Lion Guardians!


Little by little, Boopy Post stamps are securing their role in backing Boopy supported projects. They are available to associations which profit 100% from their sales. Spectacular, some with Federico Veronesi'sincredible photos, they are already for sale in the United States by Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, in Kenya by Lewa Conservancy, and in France by Pompier International (in support of their emergency aid to the Philippines). Thank you, as well, to the many zoo boutiques in France and Belgium who have referenced Boopy Post.  Admire these stamps here and contact us if you wish to sell them.

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