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The BOOPY ACTION TEAM (B.A.T) brings together youth from all over the world who wish to know more about their planet, communicate amongst each other, find solutions, and act. 


What is Boopy's role?  

Boopy is already a symbol of strength and hope for thousands of children around the globe.  With the B.A.T, he endeavours to give a voice to all youth, prove they can be heroes, and enable them to act by working together.  The power of children is immense and Boopy is here to offer direction. 



Children who help other children, youth who take action for the environment, Boopy wishes to bring together challenging ideas and projects to create a better world.  To do this, it is also necessary to know everyone's needs and to share information.  The B.A.T is a large community of youth determined to take action and not just sit around and wait for adults to do something. 


For example?  

Children at a Hong Kong school helped create an eco-library in the Philippines.  Youth from Sri Lanka formed a giant human chain, without religious distinction, to bring attention to children suffering from serious illnesses and to help them get better care.  In Haiti adolescents produced photo documentaries on the ecological problems affecting their daily lives.  In Spain a group of youth cleaned a beach and explained to their friends their efforts towards marine protection...


How to get involved?


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Every B.A.T boy and B.A.T girl is always welcome to write to to share ideas, projects and dreams which can be communicated to other youth in the community.  Photos, videos or other testimony of activities can also be sent and will be shared with everyone if approved by Boopy.


All messages are filtered by Boopy and participant's identity and email address remains confidential.  Team members are identified by code name only. 


The future is in your hands!


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