Akouété-Akué High School, Togo

When we were passing through Togo the kids were on vacation.  We were still able to meet up with two high school students who took the time to describe their city and their school.

We live in Kodjoviakopé, a neighborhood in Lomé, the capital of Togo.  At the end of our street is the Atlantic Ocean.  During the day you can see fishermen pulling their nets to bring fish for the meal.  The city of Lomé is known for its port.  Ships from all over the world come here to pick up merchandise from our country as well as neighboring countries, like Burkina Faso.

Lomé is a large city.  It has a population of around one million.  The main roads are paved but in the neighborhoods the streets are dirt.  Around here many people use motorcycles.  To get around we use moto -taxis called “zem.”

In our neighborhood there are a lot of small houses, but in Lomé there are also very large buildings.  The tallest is 102 meters and is an enormous hotel. 

In Lomé there are plenty of opportunities to do sports.  Many people run or play football (soccer) on the beach.  We also have basketball and tennis courts.  There is a large stadium that can hold 35 000 people where national team matches are played.  Our national team is the Eperviers (Sparrow Hawks).

When classes start on September 21, we will be in Grade 8.  There are around 45 students per class in our school.  Teaching is done in French and Ewé, our local language.  We also learn English.  Unfortunately we don't have any computers.  It is too bad because we would like to use the internet to watch music videos. 

We go to school from 7 a.m. until noon.  Friday is the only day we have school in the afternoon when we return after lunch for Physical Education.


What sport or activity do you do outside of school?
Rachel, 13 years old: I don't do any sports outside school, but at school I like shot put.
Jean-Jacques, 13 years old: Football (soccer) and pétanque.

What is your favorite food?
Rachel: Pasta or foufou with okra sauce (foufou is a mix of cooked pounded yam and manioc and okra is a small, slightly bitter vegetable).
Jean-Jacques: Spaghetti with tomato sauce and grilled chicken salad.

What is your favorite game?
Rachel: Marbles and refereeing football matches.
Jean-Jacques: Football (soccer).

What is your favorite animal?
Rachel: Chickens, they run around wild in our neighborhood.
Jean-Jacques: Cat.

What subject do you prefer? 
Rachel: Earth and Life Sciences.
Jean-Jacques: Earth and Life Sciences.

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Rachel: Football (soccer) referee.
Jean-Jacques: Nurse, doctor or football (soccer) player.

Rachel and Jean-Jacques would like to correspond with other students around the world.  You can send any messages to them at follyklanjeanjacques@yahoo.fr

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