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This month I would like to share a song with you.  Not just any song, but one of my favourites.  Music and lyrics to be listened to in all schools, in all homes; a hymn to peace and to inspiration.  Why?  To go further, to push boundaries, to give children a voice and allow them to show us the path to a fairer planet and greater environmental protection.  A bit of inspiration for many projects.  I will leave you to listen to “United” by Playing for Change.



A sharing platform; simple and efficient, is what BOOPY and ECO-SYS ACTION have created to highlight the eco-projects undertaken by schools in China and Hong Kong.  An impression before BOOPY contacts many other schools for this project.  In a region “key” to the future of many species, it is necessary to connect these excellent initiatives in order to inspire others and create a real positive movement.  Schools around the world are welcome to share their experiences with us.



There was celebrating in Lewa, Kenya, one of the world's most important black rhinoceros and Grévy's zebra reserves. The EAFC Boopy Soccer Tournament was a fantastic success.  This inaugural women's football tournament was a unique moment.  A means of expression for the young players, it also brought attention to health and the environment.  Between matches, the participants were able to explore the reserve with a mini bus system put at their disposition.  It is always easier to protect what we know! 



January 19, 2010, Elisabeth Joassaint, aged just 21 days, was freed from the rubble of Jacmel, Haiti 7 days after the devastating earthquake.  Without food or water little Elisabeth survived.  Today, because of local beliefs, she and her mother have been rejected by their friends and family.  A miracle and a struggle; Boopy hopes to introduce them to the world so that Elisabeth can be a symbol, like himself, of strength and hope.  BOOPY and ECO-SYS ACTION are providing financial support to her rescuers, Pompiers International des Côte d'Armor, so that Elisabeth can have a normal life and benefit the children of Jacmel.  An exceptional project for an exceptional child.

A nod from BOOPY from India where the children of Silsotchigre Wildlife Medium English School have been evaluated for malnutrition thanks to support from ECO-SYS ACTION and the excellent Huro Program (saving the Gibbons).
Next month, a sneak preview of the new illustrated book, “Boopy and the Treasure of Cambodia”.  A bit of hope for the Indochina tiger. 
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