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A special "elephants" newsletter to start the new year. We have already examined this problem in previous "news," but it is important to realize the gravity of the situation. Since September more than 2,000 tusks have been seized by Hong Kong customs and just last month a large Malaysian shipment was intercepted. The ivory trade is booming.

Elephant populations in African can not endure such massacre over the long term. We have regressed almost 30 years to a sad time when elephant numbers were halved due to intensive poaching.

It is estimated that 38 000 elephants were killed in 2012, but the actual number is probably much higher, scary...

Hong Kong customs have been very cooperative with Eco-Sys Action and Boopy, and allowed children to witness the massacre. Here are two exclusive images, never before taken, shocking. Children in the middle of ivory. A symbol, the cry for help from an entire generation to save one of their favourite animals.

Hope also comes from Celia Ho, a 14 year old Hong Kong girl, whose magnificent letter was published in the South China Morning Post. A plea for elephants inspired by the National Geographic article, Blood Ivory. Youth has spoken!

Even better, Celia needs you; individuals, organizations and schools, to support her poster and add your voices to hers. Say no to ivory and yes to a total trade ban by CITES. Boopy has also created a web page for Celia to help spread the word,'s-corner . Thank you for acting and confirming your support for Celia. She needs you!

A large majority of the ivory trade is destined for China. Approximately 70% of Chinese do not realize that it is necessary to kill an elephant to obtain the tusks. It is vital that Chinese are made aware. Eco-Sys Action and Boopy want to take up the challenge and also promote the work of other organizations. Together we can succeed!
The photographer, Federic Veronesi actively supports Eco-Sys Action and Boopy. Click here to discover the extreme beauty of elephants captured by a magician of the lens.
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