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Earth Day, an important annual event for those who love our planet, yet it is every day that we should appreciate Earth's beauty and protect its children and nature.  Just one thought or action 0.27% of the year.  Is this logical?  Better than nothing, perhaps, but far from answering the cry for help from a planet destabilized by destructive development.  Let's be inspired by others' projects, not only to help, but to add our own personal touch, our creativity.  Be amazed, be inspired and then act.  Spread positive messages, help children make changes for their planet, offer guidance... and why not clean a beach or the banks of a river before World Oceans Day?



Boopy and Eco-Sys Action have just renewed their relationship with the association “Des Elephants et des Hommes” and continue to support the traditional pharmacy in Poura, Burkina Faso.  A concrete way to demonstrate the benefits of neighbouring forests which shelter elephants and medicinal plants, two priceless local treasures.



“Play for Sawfish,”an exceptional soccer tournament sponsored by Boopy in partnership with Noé Conservation as part of the Eco-Sys Action Football Cup (EAFC), took place in Eticoga in Orango National Park in Guinea Bissau.  The basketball player, Joao Togna was the ambassador of this remarkable event promoting sawfish conservation in the Bijagos Archipeligo, its last remaining sanctuary in West Africa.  Boopy and the sawfish even made the news on national television.  The winning team from Missira gave their magnificent trophy to the local team, a finalist.  A friendly  gesture completely in the spirit of the EAFC.



Boopy's flag waving on a school at the heart of a high biodiversity zone.  A dream transformed into reality with the Huro Program for the conservation of the Western Hoolock Gibbon and the Silsotchigre Wildlife Medium English School, a school in North-eastern India supported by Boopy.  Boopy has renewed his endorsment, with the goal to work together in the long run and to help the 110 students prove that education and health are the best ways to preserve the environment.
A 14 meter long poster against ivory trafficking at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Celia Ho's project continues to gain momentum.
Boopy's choice: Don't miss this lovely moment of poetic magic in which a male bowerbird falls in love and travels the world to find twigs to decorate his nest! Created by Aimee Mak and Cheeyee Tsui of &dear and accompanied by the beautiful song One Thing specially composed by Lil'Ashes. Boopy loves it!

&dear, is a very interesting blog on the state of our planet, where, subtly, Boopy's friends, Aimee and Cheeyee illustrate their deep passion for nature. A unique artistic inspiration!
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